Things you should know about the World’s Best Thai Restaurant

Thai World:

Thai Cuisines are balanced, flavored, and healthy. Thai cuisines are well-known for its rich herbs and spices. Thai food is balanced with five flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, and salty. Let’s discuss the world’s best Thai Restaurant.

Thai World is the world’s best Thai restaurant. Thai World is a successfully running restaurant that was opened in October 2000. The restaurant has been maintained by a couple, David and Nooch Chesney. Nooch Chesney is a Thai native. David agrees that Nooch is the mastermind and the heart of the restaurant. The restaurant managed to build up a good reputation with regular customers. The quality of the food served is the reason for the success of Thai World.

Thai World


Thai World is located in Harfield Village, Cape Town, South Africa. It has a bright pink exterior. The interior walls of the restaurant are in a combination of maroon, green, and yellow colors. The interior is contrasted with the shades of gold in the mirrors and statues. The ambiance of the pleasant and cultural restaurant is enhanced with the unique fish tank. The restaurant is also famous for its takeaways. There is a bar included in the restaurant where the customers can enjoy a drink while waiting for the order. The restaurant offers an extensive buffet on the first and last Fridays of every month.

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Dishes Served:

Tom Kha Kai is a traditional Thai soup served with chicken and coconut milk. The dish is enriched with lemongrass and lemon juice for added flavors. Pad Thai is stir-fried rice noodles served with bean sprouts, peanuts, and scallions. Pad Thai in Thai world is mostly sweet and mild. The starters menu has Sa Tay Kai, which is a skewered chicken with peanut sauce, PorPiaThod is spring roll made of noodles and a wide variety of vegetables. Tom Yam GoongPlaThalay is a soup served with spicy lemongrass and mushroom or seafood.

The Main Course menu has the delicious coconut milk green curry with stir-fried duck and cashew nuts. The Main dish can be replaced with a variety of combinations. The most preferred choice of fry is beef, pork, chicken, or seafood. This restaurant also has a lot of dishes for vegetarians. The dessert menu contains the grilled banana with ice cream and honey.

The restaurant has good customer service and budget-friendly. The meals and chicken served are fresh and full of fragrant spices. Thai World serves different special dishes every day. This fantastic family run restaurant is a nice place to enjoy the Thai cuisine.

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